Testimonials from my students:

  • "Already drum a little and went to Kyle to learn some different tricks. Took time to listen, very flexible approach and seemingly limitless technical ability. He's even persuaded me to learn some rudiments after all these years. It's done my drumming no end of good. Thanks Kyle!" - Nick

  • “Kyle is a great teacher. I have been taught for a year and have learnt LOADS!!! from him (way more than I thought I’d learn in a year). When I saw him at Glastonbury Festival I was amazed he makes drumming look ace, and he makes learning really fun!” - Oscar Harethwaites, Aged 11

  • “Thanks for all you do…I can’t tell you how fired up Leto is when he comes out of his lessons with you. He’s loving every minute of it.”

    - Faye Blackwell (student’s mother)