Skype Drum Lessons

Skype Drum Lessons Are Now Available

“Now you can have quality Skype drum lessons from the comfort of your home meaning you’ll have more time to focus on practice rather than commuting.  These types of drum lessons are great for people who live too far away from Glastonbury or whose lives are too busy to commute to a one to one lesson”.

“I understand Skype lessons can be a bit strange to start with but after the first lesson, you will forget that there is even a camera between us. I’m so confident of this I’ll offer 25% off the first lesson just so I can show you how great they can be. Get in touch today to guarantee yourself a slot”.

Lesson Plan

“Sheet music and play alongs (where appropriate) will be provided via email  before the lesson. Sheet music should be printed out and displayed at a comfortable location in front of your kit. Play alongs should be burnt to cd so they can be played on a sound system in the room (playing them on your PC would over power your mic)”.

Technical Requirements

“If you’re interested in Skype drum lessons all you need is a high speed internet connection, webcam and microphone. (most laptops have these built in though cheap webcams and microphones are available)”.

Download Skype here
I uses Paypal for payment which can be set up here


“Get 25% your first lesson”.

Get in touch if you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them.

If you are still not sure if Skype Drum Lessons will work for you then sign up today for free video emails which will get emailed straight to you. That way you will get to know my teaching style even better before you meet me online for the first time.


Or give me a call on 07798706063