Paradiddle Creativity

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How To Practise Drums

My second book ‘How To Practise Drums’ is out now and available as a Paperback and on Kindle. In this book I got over ways to maxamise your time and your practise routine. This book led me to writing my first article in Rhythm Magazine.

Paradiddle Creativity Reviews

“4 out of 5 stars” Rhythm Magazines recommend reading “…it has everything a good tutor book needs – It’s a great guide to playing paradiddles around the kit, as grooves, inversions, groups of sixteenths, triplets, also quintuplets and septuplets, moving from easy to very tricky gradually and thematically … that’s no reason not to give this stuff a good try out and I’d recommend anyone keen on expanding their para-repertoire to do so!”
– Rhythm Magazine Issue 211, January
“…This is a nice straight-forward approach that will provide some musical and technical challenges for intermediate players. Overall a great book and one that is definitely worth a look if you fancy exploring the paradiddle further.”
Rob Crisp (
“This is a fantastic book! I don’t think my “creativity” is too bad, but drumming doesn’t come easy to me and I have to work hard and practice a lot just to play what I already know. I was taught how to do the paradiddle and told to use and move it around the drumset, but was never really given any examples and or shown how to do that, it was always left to me to figure it out. That’s why i bought this book…for some help figuring it out. I have only had this book for a couple of weeks so far, but I am loving this book because now I don’t have to work and practice so hard to be “creative”. It is definitely going to help me! There are so many creative ways to use the paradiddle in this book, I’m not gonna have to figure them all out on my own, and it has helped me to spark new ideas of my own. I like that is starts out with the basics and then evolves into some serious paradiddle variations, and it has some great notes in it to spark more of your own creativity. I would highly recommend this book to anyone!”
Bruce (Amazon Review)
“This book takes you through from the very basics of the paradiddle, accenting the different strokes, and gradually builds up the complexity by bringing in other pieces of the kit. When you flick through you wonder how you would ever manage some of the stuff towards the end of the book, but because it builds systematically, you find that when you get there, you’re ready to tackle it. There are some great sounding patterns in here which have been a fantastic step up in my drumming repertoire.”
– Nick M  (Amazon Review)

 New Book “How to Practice Drums” Out Now