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Drum Lessons Online

Hi, Thanks for checking out my first post. I will be adding video lessons, blog posts and anything else that comes to my mind that I think will help you.

In the mean time a little about what I offer through this site, as well as in person one-to-one I also offer online Skype drum lessons.

I hope you are looking for drum lessons online as that’s what you will find here unlike a lot of other drum lessons out there I offer one – one lessons using Skype. This means that the lessons are made for you rather than being random topics you may or may not have an interest in. While it’s good to learn a wide range of styles and techniques I feel it’s more important to work on things you are interested in that way you’ll be more inspired to practice.

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Drum Lessons Online can range from hand techniques to full drumming techniques.

I am happy to be teaching different grooves, fills and anything else useful for drummers. Beginner drum lessons, intermediate drum lessons and advance drum lessons can all be covered. Don’t worry if you don’t know what category you fit in to. Most people fall into more than one and the lines blur. For example you might play rock to a high standard but your world grooves might be relevantly basic.

One thing I recommend all drummers focusing some of their practice time on is the rudiments. I think rudiments are really important. I think of them like the alphabet. You can talk with out knowing the alphabet but you get to a point where reading and writing become an important part of life and that’s the same with drumming and the rudiments. I’m happy to focus your online drum lessons on rudiments if that’s something you’re interested in. I’ve found they have made me play faster with more power, control and fluidity than I would have got just tapping away at the kit with no focus..

If you are brand new to drumming feel free to drop me an email and I’ll happily have a Skype chat with you to make sure you have your kit set up in a way that’s comfortable for you and easy to play. I’m happy to do this first “lesson” for free as it’s really important to get this stuff sorted early on. Who knows we might even get time to have a lesson at the same time.

If you have been playing for sometime you can also drop me an email to discuss anything you want about drums. I’m happy to give drum lessons online using Skype and can create a custom course which will help you achieve your drumming goals.

You can get in touch today by emailing

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