Swiss Army Triplet Lesson

Swiss Army Triplet Drum Lesson

The Swiss Army Triplet is a non alternating triplet. It starts with a Flam followed by two singles. So lR R L  With lR being a right handed flam. This rudiment naturally fits into triplets but the video below demonstrates this in 16th notes. It takes 3 beats to resolve and the following 4 16ths can be any notes you choose. I choose to keep things simple and play a flam followed by 3 singles.

I also played the Swiss Army Triplet over the bar line by dropping the 4 notes that round of the bar and continuing the Swiss Army Triplet. This now takes 3 bars to resolve and if orchestrated like I do in the video creates a nice metric modulation pattern. Check out the Swiss Army Triplet below and let me know what you think. The sheet music to go with it is below.

The sheet music below are for the Swiss Army Triplet is 16th notes

Swiss Army Triplets in 16th notes

The sheet music below takes the Swiss Army Triplet and creates a nice metric modulation pattern with it.

Swiss Army Triplets Metric Modulation

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